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Come What May

Michael Stern – Japanese translation by Eriko Kirsch


Michael Stern – “Beauty” translated in Japanese by Eriko Kirsch, with dance interpretation by Erica Badgeley –

Michael Stern – Shadows.

Michael Stern and Jacob Jollif perform Shadows. Inspired in part by wisdom sayings of Ruth Renkel, Albert Camus, & Mark Twain.

Michael Stern – One World. Dancer: Erica Badgeley

Michael Stern – Dance. Dancer: Erica Badgeley

Michael Stern: One World

Michael Stern: While I’m Here

Michael Stern: Waltzing Around in the Nude

Michael Stern: Stand Up

Michael Stern: It Weren’t Love

Michael Stern: Fight No More Forever

Michael Stern: You Don’t Have to Carry a Gun

Mike explains his music, inspiration and more:

Michael Stern: Are songwriters able to sleep at night?

Michael Stern: Doesn’t songwriting come easily for you?

Michael Stern: What are your songs about?

Michael Stern: When did you first start getting into music?