Not In My Wildest Dreams

The music of Michael Stern is non-violent, environmentally-friendly, & “anarcoustic” – a unique & harmoniously balanced genre we will henceforth describe as “Folk Shway”.

Released 1998 – on CD, Tape or Apple Music Streaming

1. Not In My Wildest Dreams
2. In Wonder
3. Tiyeni Timange Nyumba
4. Standing In Oppression’s Way
5. All The Days Of Your Life
6. Hanging On A String
7. On Words Unnecessary
8. Blessed Peace
9. Everyone Of Us Deserves A Home
10. Nothing Without Love
11. The Compliment
12. Loving All The While
13. I Told You So
14. Hurt Not The Earth
15. Count Well The Cost
16. Tsalani Bwino