New Release for 2020: Stand Up!

21 of the best original folk songs of justice, peace, wonder, compassion and love, written and sung by Michael are digitally re-mastered in this songbook collection.

Take Only What You Can Carry

February 19th 2020, will mark the 78th anniversary of Presidential Executive Order 9066 which resulted in Japanese American internment during WWII. Michael wrote a ballad to help re-tell the story of this experience.

Listen & share this with others on this important day of remembrance.

Phoenix and the Golden Rule

Released 2015 – Digital Download

Each One’s Different Like a Work of Art

Released 2013 – on CD and MP3 Download

Higher Ground

Released 2011 – on CD and MP3 Download

Michael Stern in Concert on DVD

Released 2010 – on DVD only

We All Have Wings

Released 2009 – on CD and MP3 Download

This Time: Another Side of Michael Stern

Released 2006 – on CD

The Strangest Dream

Released 2005 –on CD and MP3 Download


Released 2003 –on CD and MP3 Download

It’s Nothing Fancy

Released 2001 –on CD and MP3 Download

All Colors Shapes and Sizes

Especially for kids of all ages

Released 1999 – on CD & Tape

Not In My Wildest Dreams

Released 1998 – on CD, Tape and MP3 Download

Fight No More Forever

Released 1995– on CD and Tape

Come What May

Released 1988, digitally re-mastered in 2000 – on CD and Tape