All Colors, Shapes and Sizes – Music For Kids

Released 1999 – on CD and Digital Album – Especially for kids of all ages

1. If You Go On A Safari
2. Love Makes A Family
3. Talking Nautical
4. You Are A Miracle
5. Always Remember I Love You
6. This Little Light Of Mine
7. I Had A Little Rooster
8. One World
9. Four Winds
10. River Of Peace
11. Lupine Lady
12. I Like To Feel Pretty Inside

Michael Stern – All Colors Shapes and Sizes is a CD for kids, but it’s one that parents & educators can truly enjoy, too, especially those who are most concerned with nurturing positive self-esteem, non-violence, respect for diversity, tolerance, cooperation & peace.

“All Colors, Shapes & Sizes” is a remarkable resource for kids, their parents & educators. Michael Stern sings & writes many of the songs on this CD. He also leads programs specifically for children, their families & educators aimed at celebrating diversity, promoting positive self-esteem, non-violence & conflict resolution. Utilizing his engaging & original songs, stories, & occasionally using slide shows & puppets, he accompanies himself on banjo or guitar. He encourages group participation & interaction as he blends meaningful & age appropriate content with humor & fun.

His background as a former Pre-school Teacher & Pediatric Emergency Room Nurse, an Instructor of Pediatric Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner & dad give him a unique perspective & wealth of experience in child development to combine with his musical & creative talents.

Michael is an ideal resource for special events at schools, libraries, & camps, as well as for parent/teacher & family programs. Examples of some of his kids programs are:

  • “We Can Make a Difference” & “Make the World More Beautiful” – both focus on empowering young people to believe they can make a difference in the world in relation to the environment, peace & getting along with each other.
  • “Everyone of Us Deserves a Home” – nurturing concern for the service of others, using the powerful example of Habitat for Humanity.
  • “We Still Have a Dream” – fostering the notion that dreams of great visionaries like Martin Luther King, Jr can stay alive when we strive to make them come true together.
  • “Important Moments in History” – recalls historic events of both tragic injustice as well as courageous examples of creative alternatives to violence; using the ballad of Chief Joseph, images from the life of John Muir, Martin Niemoller’s opposition from within Nazi Germany, & the story of Japanese American internment in the U.S. during WWII.
  • “Laughter for Health, Happiness & Peace” – Most people know intuitively from a very early age that a good laugh makes them feel better. A growing body of evidence now shows that laughter clearly reduces physical & emotional ailments, helps fight infection & can be used effectively in conflict resolution. Michael leads a sample laughter session for children or youth; & being that he’s a Certified Laughter Leader, it’s all perfectly safe & legal!

Commendations from educators about his children’s programs:

“Michael’s personable style brings a message of affirmation & diversity to the listener’s heart. His warmth & compassion are contagious. He invites children to participate in a unique musical experience of joyful celebration. I have personally seen children in Seattle to as far away as Malawi, Africa respond to his music with laughter & enthusiasm.”

Thelma Kauffman (Librarian, Kent School District)

“Michael’s presentation was interactive, refreshing & fun. His music reflects an obvious appreciation for world cultures & he integrates captivating personal experiences of his own travels. This assembly fit perfectly into our study of world cultures.”

Jo Richardson (School Assembly Coordinator, Bellevue School District)