We All Have Wings

Parents Choice Award winning songs for children about the courage to be creative, compassionate and cooperative – performed in a way that adults enjoy just as much as kids.

Michael Stern’s most recent Parents Choice Award winning CD, “We All Have Wings” is an engaging collection of songs designed to help children have courage to be creative & compassionate. The opening song, “Coloring Outside the Lines” (written by the late Tom Hunter) welcomes artistic creativity when we color or dance outside the lines, & makes reference to civil rights leader Rosa Parks sitting outside the lines. “Don’t Laugh at Me” reminds us not to tease or bully someone just because they are different.

In a series of bright new originals, Stern encourages kids to recycle, to work out conflicts, & to “plant seeds” in a variety of ways. He celebrates children learning to be friends while speaking different languages, knowing different faiths, and having different colors of skin. Featuring a multi-lingual chorus of kids’ voices, “Schools, Écoles, Schule, Escuelas …” takes us on a journey to schools all around the world. “My Brother Thinks He is a Chicken” combines laugh-out-loud humor while honoring the “fowl” quirks we sometimes find within ourselves & our families.

This well-paced collection is woven with themes of kindness & cooperation, & supported by an array of voices, instruments & energy that blend equal parts of fun & inspiration. Stern has devoted the same thoughtful lyrical presentation & outstanding musicianship to his children’s CD as he has to each of his earlier recordings for adults. It features Grammy nominee David Lanz on keyboards, renown Seattle folk artists Greg Canote on fiddle, Doug Bright on accordion, Eric Smith on mandolin & dobro, & Michael Stern’s vocals, banjo, guitar, plus a few very sweet vocal choruses by kids. This CD is appealing to all ages of children, & to all ages of adults.

Released 2009 – on CD and Digital Album

  1. Coloring Outside the Lines
  2. Don’t Laugh at Me
  3. A Little Bit of You
  4. My Brother Thinks He is a Chicken
  5. We Can Make a Difference
  6. Uncle Joe
  7. Love All Around the World
  8. Schools, Écoles, Schule, Escuelas, Truong
  9. Peace Like a River
  10. How Beautiful is the Green Earth
  11. Waltzing With Bears
  12. Healing Water
  13. La-la-lullaby
  14. Sleep Kentucky Babe