The Strangest Dream

A compelling collection of both timeless classic & original new anti-war songs which Pulitzer Prize winner David Horsey describes as full of “…humor and lyricism, …a witty & up-to-the-minute commentary on (today’s) headlines.”

Michael Stern is a singer/songwriter, storyteller and Certified Laughter Leader from Seattle. He has recorded ten CD’s of music, most of which he has composed himself. His songs inspire action & hope for peace, justice, tolerance & environmental sanity. His most recent CD “The Strangest Dream” is a compelling collection of both timeless classic and original new anti-war songs. For more information about Michael’s music or creative program leadership, visit .

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Released 2005 – on CD and Digital Album

  1. Your Daughters and Sons
  2. We Are One
  3. River of Peace
  4. Strangest Dream
  5. Twelve Days of Invasion
  6. Fight No More Forever
  7. Gentlemen of Distinction
  8. Any Fool
  9. Different Line
  10. Loving Way
  11. You Don’t Have to Carry a Gun
  12. Blowing in the Wind
  13. We Still Have a Dream

Acclaim for Michael Stern’s new CD “The Strangest Dream”:

Who would have thought an album of “peace songs” could be this interesting? My favorite pieces are the songs Mike wrote himself. “You Don’t Have to Carry a Gun” is a well-written, straight ahead, heart to heart that I would happily play for any person of draftable age. And Mike’s “Fight No More Forever” is the strongest song in a collection penned by the likes of Bob Dylan and Malvina Reynolds. Highly recommended.

Charlie King (folk songwriter)

Stern renews the venerable art of the anti-war song with humor and lyricism and makes the genre feel fresh and relevant again. “12 Days of Invasion” is a witty and up-to-the-minute commentary on the military folly in today’s headlines. His melodic and moving restatement of Chief Joseph’s pledge of peace, “Fight No More Forever,” is an anthem for an America as it should be. Mike Stern’s music is an antidote to the spinmeisters’ lies, a reminder that peace and justice should be our highest moral values.

David Horsey
Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist and columnist
Seattle Post-Intelligencer