Michael Stern – Stand Up!

Stand-Up cover
21 of the best original folk songs of justice, peace, wonder, compassion and love, written and sung by Michael are digitally re-mastered in this songbook collection.

The “Stand Up” songbook collection album matches the selections and sequence in his new songbook of the same name: “Stand Up! Songs by Michael Stern”.

 Here’s what people are saying about the songs:
“Stand Up” is the only song I know that brings a crowd to its feet in the middle of a concert. Michael writes songs like that: songs that move people, lift them up and energize them to stand up for what’s right.
Charlie King, singer/songwriter

… anthems for an America as it should be – a reminder that peace and justice should be our highest moral values.
David Horsey, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist and columnist

The power of Michael’s song “Stand Up” to move people is incredible. The first time the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus performed it, the audience members spontaneously began standing up. It was electrifying and stunning to those of us singing it. By the end of the song, everyone in the audience was on their feet. This continues to happen wherever we sing it.
Bev Grant, founder & director of the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus.

… tender and powerful lyrics …, subjects that matter …, warm voice, beautiful poetry and rich arrangements draw us into the heart of compassion …
Maureen Jackson, Victory Music Review

Michael Stern is a Seattle folksinger, songwriter and resource leader with roots in the farms and apple orchards of rural Washington State. He has traveled extensively while singing and working for peace and justice – to places like Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan for One World Peace Concerts, to Malawi and Zimbabwe on a Habitat for Humanity singing/building trip, and to El Salvador for disaster relief following a major earthquake.

He recently retired from a long career as a Family Nurse Practitioner and research clinician focused on vaccine development for preventable diseases. As a songwriter and inspirational speaker, he incorporates a wealth of perspective from his experience in the healing arts, parenting and teaching into his music and creative presentations.

Blending meaningful content with humor, Michael accompanies himself on guitar, banjo and harmonica, and is joined by a gifted group of musicians on each of his CD’s, including the likes of Jacob Jolliff (National Mandolin Champion of 2012) and Grammy nominated pianist David Lanz. Michael’s songs draw inspiration from diverse literary, historical and personal influences, and range from thought-provoking to humorous, and from romantic to spiritual. His performances and presentations utilize a wide array of original songs, stories and community-building experiences focused on nurturing compassion, peace, justice, hope and healing. His music evokes feeling of passion, joy and wonder at the beauty of creation and human diversity.

Released 2020 – on CD and  Digital Album

  1. Stand Up
  2. Fight No More Forever
  3. One World
  4. You Don’t Have to Carry a Gun
  5. Take Only What You Can Carry
  6. Each One’s Different
  7. As If the Flowers Knew
  8. Higher Ground
  9. Another’s Woe
  10. Everyone of Us Deserves a Home
  11. Not in My Wildest Dreams
  12. In Wonder
  13. Dance
  14. It’s Nothing Fancy
  15. High Tide
  16. This Time
  17. Never Alone
  18. Then It Happens Again
  19. The Moment
  20. Let It Happen
  21. Beauty

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