It’s Nothing Fancy

This CD has Michael’s most well-known & often requested song, “Stand Up” based on words of Martin Niemoller: “First they came for the communists, then they came for the Jews…”

Michael Stern is a singer/songwriter, inspirational storyteller and Certified Laughter Leader, as well as a Clinical Researcher in Seattle. He has recorded ten CD’s of music, most of which he has composed himself. His songs inspire action & hope for peace, justice, tolerance & environmental sanity. Historical events & figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr., John Muir, Chief Dan George & Chief Joseph have inspired many of his songs. “Stand Up” is perhaps Michael’s most well-known song & was inspired by often quoted words of Martin Niemoller:

First they came for the communists
Then they came for the Jews
But I wasn’t a communist & I wasn’t a Jew
So I didn’t stand up & I didn’t ask why
And by the time they came for me
There was no one left to ask why

For the poor & the refugees
And though I am not an outcast
And I’m not poor or a refugee
But now I’m gonna’ stand up
And I’m gonna’ ask why
And if sometime they come for me
I hope there’s someone standing by my side
Yes, we’re gonna’ stand up …

Released 2001 on CD and Digital Album

1. The Moment
2. It’s Nothing Fancy
3. Journey In Hope
4. Revive Us
5. Love As I Have Loved You
6. Come Closer To Me
7. Let It Happen
8. The Cookie Thief
9. One World
10. Such A Time
11. Your Letter
12. Stand Up
13. Blessed Be
14. Revive Us Again