Higher Ground

Heavenly music with a unique blend of folk, country, and gospel influences about rising up from the desperation of floods, lending a helping hand, a father’s tender tribule to milestones in his child’s life, & the scarcity of banjo players in heaven.

Higher Ground features new versions of some old gospel tunes like “I’ll Fly Away” & “Heaven Help Us All” (which Ray Charles & Stevie Wonder & Joan Baez each recorded in the early ‘70’s), a couple quirky funny folk songs like “Banjo Players in Heaven” & “It Weren’t Love (She Just Made Me Sick)”, & a father’s tender tribute to milestones in his child’s life in “Then It Happens Again”. Plus, there are more of the peace & social justice themes, & love songs you’ve probably come to know as Michael’s modus operandi – all capturing a new & wide range of musical styles & lyrical images. As with most of his recent works, he continues to be accompanied by Grammy nominee David Lanz playing piano & keyboards, William Limbach singing Art Garfunkel-like harmonies, Eric Smith playing mandolin & dobro, & many other exceptionally talented friends & family.

Released 2011 – on CD and Digital Album

  1. Heaven Help Us All
  2. Banjo Players in Heaven
  3. Then It Happens Again
  4. Higher Ground
  5. No Distinction There
  6. Love Poems
  7. It Weren’t Love
  8. Torn Screen Door
  9. Come Rain or Come Shine
  10. I’ll Fly Away
  11. Heaven Again