Each One’s Different Like a Work of Art

“Each One’s Different Like a Work of Art” – By Michael Stern – is just what you’d expect from the title: a uniquely original work of art. It’s a beautifully arranged & disarmingly genuine collection of music about peace & diversity (plus some very tender new love songs) which alternate between Michael’s originals & a few great cover songs like Peace Train (by Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens) & You’ve Got a Friend (by Carole King).

Accompanists include Michael’s nephew Jesse Stern on bass, singers Betsy Rose, William Limbach & others, Grammy nominated pianist David Lanz, & mandolin player Jacob Jolliff. And it’s clear from the first to the very last song why Jolliff was named the National Mandolin Champion of 2012.

Every one of Stern’s gifted collaborators contribute to a wonderful mosaic of folk, jazz, gospel, R&R, & bluegrass music. The bilingually narrated ballad Michael wrote for Hiroshima, “As If the Flowers Knew” is perhaps the most haunting & poetic of this new CD. Steve Leeper, the chairman of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation described it as “an inspired piece of musical artistry.”

Released 2013 – on CD and Digital Album

  1. Each One’s Different
  2. As If the Flowers Knew
  3. Peace Train
  4. My Love in Light Attire
  5. Nothing Without Love
  6. You’ve Got a Friend
  7. One Breath
  8. One Breath Dance
  9. Welcome to the Circle
  10. Bits & Pieces
  11. Waltz Lightly
  12. As If the Flowers Knew (sung in English)
  13. As If the Flowers Knew (narrated in Japanese only) 花は知っていたのか