This superb collection blends meaningful content with humor. You won’t want to miss “Dance” or “Waltzing Around in the Nude”

Michael Stern is a singer/songwriter, inspirational storyteller and Certified Laughter Leader, as well as a Clinical Researcher in Seattle. He has recorded ten CD’s of music, most of which he composed himself. His songs inspire action & hope for peace, justice, tolerance & environmental sanity. This particular CD blends romantic, comic, political & compassionate images. “Waltzing Around in the Nude” is one of Michael’s top crowd-pleasers. “Take Only What You Can Carry” chronicles the tragic injustice of Japanese American internment during WWII. The title song, “Dance”, is particularly inspiring to the artist within each of us.

Released 2003 – on CD and Digital Album

  1. Dance
  2. Put Your Name On A Different Line
  3. Take Only What You Can Carry
  4. I Just Want To Dance With You
  5. Waltzing Around In The Nude
  6. Any Fool
  7. You Don’t Have To Carry A Gun
  8. Wherever I Go
  9. Providence
  10. Have a Cup of Tea
  11. May Your Hope Arise
  12. Hobo’s Lullaby