Especially for Kids

Michael Stern has recorded two outstanding CD’s for kids:

We All Have Wings by Michael Stern

Michael Stern’s, “We All Have Wings”, is an engaging collection of songs designed to help children have courage to be creative & compassionate. The opening song, “Coloring Outside the Lines” (written by the late Tom Hunter) welcomes artistic creativity when we color or dance outside the lines, & makes reference to civil rights leader Rosa Parks sitting outside the lines. “Don’t Laugh at Me” reminds us not to tease or bully someone just because they are different.

In a series of bright originals, Stern encourages kids to recycle, to work out conflicts, & to “plant seeds” in a variety of ways. He celebrates children learning to be friends while speaking different languages, knowing different faiths, and having different colors of skin. Featuring a multi-lingual chorus of kids’ voices, “Schools, Écoles, Schule, Escuelas, Tr’ng” takes us on a journey to schools all around the world. “My Brother Thinks He is a Chicken” combines laugh-out-loud humor while honoring the “fowl” quirks we sometimes find within ourselves & our families.

This well-paced collection is woven with themes of kindness & cooperation, & supported by an array of voices, instruments & energy that blend equal parts of fun & inspiration. Stern has devoted the same thoughtful lyrical presentation & outstanding musicianship to his children’s CD as he has to each of his earlier recordings for adults. It features Grammy nominee David Lanz on keyboards, renown Seattle folk artists Greg Canote on fiddle, Doug Bright on accordion, Eric Smith on mandolin & dobro, & Michael Stern’s vocals, banjo, guitar, plus a few very sweet vocal choruses by kids. This CD is appealing to all ages of children, & to all ages of adults.

All Colors, Shapes & Sizes, a classic children’s CD by Michael Stern

Michael Stern’s first children’s CD, "All Colors, Shapes & Sizes" is still just as popular as it was 12 years ago among a new generation of children, parents & teachers. It features fun and imaginative songs that teach us about animals, the ocean, ourselves & getting along with each other. "Love Makes a Family" and "If You Go on a Safari" are among those most often requested at Michael’s family concerts and school programs.

Programs specifically for children

He also leads programs specifically for children, their families & educators aimed at celebrating diversity, promoting positive self-esteem, non-violence & conflict resolution. Utilizing engaging & original songs, stories, & occasionally using slide shows & puppets, he accompanies himself on banjo or guitar. He encourages group participation & interaction as he blends meaningful & age appropriate content with humor & fun.

His background as a former Pre-school Teacher & Pediatric Emergency Room Nurse & Instructor of Pediatric Nursing, a father & foster parent, plus his current employment as a Family Nurse Practitioner all give him a unique perspective & wealth of experience in child development that combines with his musical & creative talents.

Michael is an ideal resource for special events at schools, libraries, camps, & Christian education programs as well as for parent/teacher & family programs. Examples of some of his kids programs are:

  • We Can Make a Difference & Make the World More Beautiful both focus on empowering young people to believe they can make a difference in the world in relation to the environment, peace & getting along with each other.
  • Everyone of Us Deserves a Home – nurturing concern for the service of others, using the powerful example of Habitat for Humanity.
  • We Still Have a Dream – fostering the notion that dreams of great visionaries like Martin Luther King, Jr can stay alive when we strive to make them come true together.
  • Important Moments in History – recalls historic events of both tragic injustice as well as courageous examples of creative alternatives to violence; using the ballad of Chief Joseph, images from the life of John Muir, Martin Niemoller’s opposition from within Nazi Germany, & the story of Japanese American incarceration in the U.S. during WWII.
  • Laughter for Health, Happiness & Peace – Most people know intuitively from a very early age that a good laugh makes them feel better. A growing body of evidence now shows that laughter clearly reduces physical & emotional ailments, helps fight infection & can be used effectively in conflict resolution. Michael leads a sample laughter session for children or youth; & being that he’s a Certified Laughter Leader, it’s all perfectly safe & legal!

Michael’s personable style brings a message of affirmation & diversity to the listener’s heart. His warmth & compassion are contagious. He invites children to participate in a unique musical experience of joyful celebration. I have personally seen children in Seattle to as far away as Malawi, Africa respond to his music with laughter & enthusiasm.

Thelma Kauffman

Librarian, Kent School District

Michael’s presentation was interactive, refreshing & fun. His music reflects an obvious appreciation for world cultures & he integrates captivating personal experiences of his own travels. This assembly fit perfectly into our study of world cultures.
Jo Richardson

School Assembly Coordinator, Bellevue School District