About Michael

“… tender & powerful lyrics …, subjects that matter …, warm voice, beautiful poetry & rich arrangements draw us into the heart of compassion …” – Maureen Jackson (Victory Music Review)

Michael Stern is a composer, folksinger and inspirational speaker who provides creative leadership for professional conferences, retreats, worship services and children’s programs.

“His music has a clarity & purity that has been formed by faith & strengthened in hope.” – Jim Douglass (author)

Michael’s roots are in the apple orchards of rural Okanogan Valley in Washington State, but he has traveled extensively while singing and working for peace and justice – most recently to Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Japan – & also to Malawi and Zimbabwe on a Habitat for Humanity singing/building trip; to El Salvador for disaster relief following a major earthquake; to Nicaragua to build a vocational school; and to work in an inner city Head Start Center in Dayton, Ohio. He studied theology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, received his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Nursing at the University of Washington in Seattle, and just happens to be a Certified Laughter Leader – which makes laughing with him perfectly safe and legal! He is currently a Family Nurse Practitioner and research clinician who has focused much of his career on vaccine preventable diseases. As a songwriter and inspirational speaker, he incorporates a wealth of perspective from his experience in the healing arts, parenting and teaching into his music and creative presentations.

“… a steady & vibrant voice for justice in the face of violence & oppression.” – Dave Hall (Physicians for Social Responsibility)

“It is Mike’s own life commitment to love & justice that most commends his music. You will laugh. You will be moved. But don’t expect to get too comfortable. You will also be challenged and, I expect, changed”. – Reverend Tim Phillips (University Baptist, Seattle)

Blending meaningful content with humor, Michael accompanies himself on guitar and banjo and is joined by a gifted group of musicians on each of his 10 CD’s, including the likes of Eric Smith, William Limbach, Grammy nominated pianist David Lanz, and Jacob Jolliff (the National Mandolin Champion of 2012). Michael’s songs draw inspiration from diverse literary, historical, spiritual and personal influences and range from thought-provoking to humorous, and from romantic to spiritual. His performances and presentations utilize a wide array of original songs, stories & community-building experiences focused on nurturing compassion, peace, justice, hope and healing; all while generating group participation and discussion. His music evokes feeling of passion, joy and wonder at the beauty of creation and human diversity.

“Michael Stern’s music is an anthem for an America as it should be – a reminder that peace and justice should be our highest moral values.” – David Horsey (Pulitzer Prize winning columnist)